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Strategy for Sustainability

Make the right strategy and executing with your goal and business

Executing for the right customer at the right placement, Increasing impressions, product details page view, CTR, and Overall Sells, and focusing on search ranking for the right search terms/keywords.





stratagey, ppc, advertgement, fba,seo

Optimizing Product Page for Right Customer/Audience

knowing the customer and their need, what they are looking for, and how they consider purchasing based on visual product data on our product page.

Design based on Customer

Visually Represent the products to the customer as the customer feels about it virtually. Design based on Branding, Customers can feel the products and know how to use them, and make sure that this is the right choice for them.

stratagey, ppc, advertgement, fba,seo
SEO Recommendation 1 - My Stratagey!

SEO for Reach Out the customer to us!

Optimizing the product data so the customer can find us by search result page or from their recommendation, Optimizing is not just feed keyword/search term to products content, Its way to teach amazon search engine to know about the product and the right audience for this product.

Capture placement on Product details page

Capture amazon placement to get more attention from customer, there some of placement on product details page that customer always notice like video, A+, Compression table, Amazon Post, Make it a bundle, Products related to this item ( Sponsored Ads ), related products ( Sponsored Ads ), 4 Star or Above ( Sponsored Ads ).

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Advertising based on Long Term Strategy and Sustainability!

Long terms Sustainability is the most challenging thing on Amazon nowadays, While you may compete with many competitors who contend with you to take PPC and Search ranking placement, While you are growing, you automatically raise your authority like Ratings, Sells History, and More Data on PPC campaign, BSR, But in the long run, you must think about competitors. Otherwise, they might take your PPC, Search ranking placement.

Grow Your Business more than your competitors can handle

The goal overall is to increase your revenue and sustainability for the long term. Your competitor always tries to beat you from each site if you don't take care of everything seriously.

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