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Why Me!

my experience makes me work with you!

My working process and strategy came from my experience. First, I understand your goal and business, then make a list to prepare an execution plan and make a strategy. I follow industry standards working process, follow industry experts, keep up to date with the latest amazon news, research competitors, know more about your products and your audience and make strategies for your right audience.
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Toukir Ahmed

Assisting You Remotely!

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Having worked with many brands and sellers

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Certified by Amazon and Professional Authority

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Record of Success

Delivering results to clients and helping them reach their business goals

Make the right strategy and executing with your goal and business

Executing for the right customer at the right placement, Increasing impressions, product details page view, CTR, and Overall Sells, and focusing on search ranking for the right search terms/keywords.





Less PPC Cost

More Than 60% Less PPC Cost

More Organic Sells

More Than 50%+ More Sells

Return 3x+

Return 3x+ From Your Business

Multiple Sells Chanel

Multiple Sells Chanel with Unlimited Possibilities

Your Success My happiness!

I want you to succeed. This is my main goal. You make your customer happy, and my duty is to make you happy. 🙂

Grow Your Business more than your competitors can handle

The goal overall is to increase your revenue and sustainability for the long term. Your competitor always tries to beat you from each site if you don't take care of everything seriously.

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Make New Turn Your Business Right Now?

Let's talk! Have a Starting Conversation!

Conversation about your business, your Goal, your Problem, challenge and how we can overcome with those!