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A Perfect Example of amazon Products Details Page on amazon!

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When someone is looking to buy your product on Amazon, they will look at the details page. This page has all the information customers need about the product they are looking to buy. Include product name/title, price, description, reviews, photos, customer etc.

Now I am going show you what makes a perfect product details page!


main title - A Perfect Example of amazon Products Details Page on amazon!

The title is the first content the customer reads, a 100-150 charter summary of your products, including Brand name, Products Name, common product name like “juice squeezer”, product size, Dimension, Quantity etc. Make sure the title is human readable also Optimized for SEO.

Mail Image:

First visual Impression Most customers first look at your main images and then read the title. Make sure the first image follows amazon guidelines. White background-only product photos cover 80% of the pictures. Capture the best angle so the customer can see most of the products. 

Others Photos:

Amazon Supports 7-11 Photos in their photos section, including products’ main features, including products photos by best graphic. These lifestyle images show uses and uses by someone and focuses on why your products might be better than others.


Necessary enough why your products stand out from competitors. Make a better offer to the customer as possible, and make a long-term offer to the customer so that it will stand out as a discount offer; this will give you extra exposure to the customer.

Make Link to Brand Store:

Link to your Brand Store page where you offer other products on your Brand.

Products Properties:

Fulfil all product properties like Brand Name, Item Form, Flavor, Benefits, Unit Count, Weight, length etc. Depending on the product type and category, You may find it on the Listing Edit dashboard or Listing Quality Dashboard.

Subscribe & Save::

Add Products on Subscribe & Save to offer customers discounts based on their regular orders, and you will build a good long-term customer base.

About this item/ Bullet Point:

Make Sure you make a good and Optimized About this item/Bullet Points Based on Category/ Products type; you may make Up to 5 About this item.


Naver should have added a Badge like small businesses are climate-friendly. You Get extra exposure to customers who might consider purchasing from you.

Make it a bundle:

Bundle 2 products from your Brand that might be similar, and the customer might need both. You will get more real estate on the product details page.

Target Own Products:

You may see a section called “4 stars and above” and “Products related to this item” as sponsored products. Your competitor’s products may capture this section and target your products to steal your sales; consider targeting similar products of your Brand to eliminate competitors from your products details page. This section may display below “Frequently bought together”, upon “Customer questions & answers” and bellow customer review also amazon footer.

Product Description/A+/EBC:

Create excellent Optimized EBC content while considering your branding, a good place to explain product information to the customer and remember to add compression table compare and add features of your products.


Add at least 3 Video About your Products or Your Competitor Video that Might be shown in Video Section. That video might be destructive, and customers may bounce to the competitor products page.

Compare with similar items:

Some properties are different if you have similar products with the same categories; make sure you optimize them well. Then you will see amazon will display your products instead of others’ listings.

Important information:

Make sure to optimize them and write them for customers.

Customer questions & answers:

q and a - A Perfect Example of amazon Products Details Page on amazon!

Answer all questions to the customer as soon as possible. Amazon Track each and everything you do on amazon. Consider a fast response to the customer, as you may see on your amazon dashboard.

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