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Brand/Seller Summary

Seller Type

Private Label, Brands

Brand/seller Summary

A Supplement brand sell products mostly sports Nutrition and Vitamins Supplements, sell their brand on their website, amazon, ebay, walmart and some others sells chanel, have some best selling products on several sells chanel.





sports nutrition products page amazon
sports nutrition products page amazon


When I started working for this, they had good branding, the listing was almost optimized, have good growth scores, and they had good standing products which they researched about it, Nitric oxide was the one, and the only product has a good amount sales, but has some of the major issues over their optimization, search terms was not almost all of the listing if any that are not optimized, copy and pest from some program, store page was created but not link with some of the products, has some brand name problem issue. Overall, snap has good branding, good growth scores, and good standing products. However, their optimization could use some work, and their search terms could be improved. Additionally, their store page could be improved by linking amazon store. Lastly, some branding issues could be addressed.

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Clients Brief!

Clients reach me to make some changes to their advertising sales. They run advertising, but they cannot control their ACOS and ROI.


The products category was very comparative. There are a very large amount of competitors but snap ware almost new in the market. They offer good solutions for the customer’s problems but need to engage with the customer.



I start research the market, the customer, search terms/ Keywords and learn a lot about their products, who need it, how they need it, how they search on amazon to find it. Whats special features they need and whats makes snap special from competitors.
  • About Products
  • Audience
  • Competiour
  • Search Terms By customer
  • Keywords
  • Strategy to Apply
  • Graphic Design
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Ranking Search Terms


Optimized title with search terms, based on competitor, optimized their products photos, optimized their bullet points, especially missing products features that is very very important to optimized any listings. Although their A+ content was good but i makes something changes based on my research and make some features standing out to the customer. Rewrite their search terms,
  • Listing
  • Photo
  • A+ Content
  • Product Details Page
  • Exciting Campaign
  • Search Terms
  • Store


They ran some PPC campaigns but did not follow any strategy. They just found some keyword set over helium ten and ran it with the default bid. I rearranged the whole PPC campaign and made some strategies for each product. Different products from each campaign.
Add Type:
Sponsored Products
  • Auto Low CPC
  • Auto Regular CPC
  • Board Match 
  • Phase Match 
  • Exact Match 
  • Less Optimized Products Tagrating
  • Competitor Targeting
  • Own category Targeting
  • Sub-Category Targeting
Sponsored Brand
  • Sponsored Brand Ads ( Headline Search Ads )
  • Sponsored Brand Video
PPC Strategy
  • Brand Products Targeting
  • Brand Keywords Targeting
  • Own Brand Keywords Targeting
  • Campaign for Ranking
  • Misspelled Search
  • Non english word targeting
  • Own products details page
Special Strategy
  • Virtual Bundle 
  • Multi Pack Variation
  • Own Products Targeting
  • Atleast 5 Videos per Products
  • Subscribe & Save Options
  • Lighting & 7 Days Deals
  • Amazon Post

The Results

From the first months, I noticed something changed that noticeable, overall impression increase, new customer reach to the products details page, click-through rate improvement, keywords ranking improved, some new keywords placed on top search results, Top sponsored products ads showing up, and conversion rate increase. I try to list some negative keywords for the auto campaign, which ACOS are high and not converting well.
The auto campaign turned a new way and showed ads with almost related keywords, and I can discover new search terms/keywords for that product. The exciting campaign ACOS is going down and giving me an opportunity to play with bids and keywords. The strategy campaign is going as planned and gives me the opportunity to test many ad groups to find the right strategy.


sells over - Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Brand on Amazon

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