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Why Its Important!

Why Amazon PPC!

Similar to google, amazon ppc or Amazon Advertisement allows sellers to display their products to buyers via paid advertisements, also known as amazon PPC, which allows customers to find the products they want using their searches or browsing habits.
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More Impression = More Customer!

To Introduce a new product or launch a product, you require more people to purchase your goods. With Amazon PPC, you can find your most relevant customers and choose them based on their search terms, browsing habits, or even their behavior as they start to look at similar products like yours.

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Maximum Impression over competitors!

While you are worrying about logistics, your competitors may use ppc and return the maximum customer to their products page. They may also use your product details page to capture your customer. You may find them over the first search result page where your products are still beyond.

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Search Rank on First Page!

Rank on 1st page is easy; nowadays, one ppc sales generate over three organic sales, and it's inconceivable to get max ROI if you cannot rank on the first page for main search terms.

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Long Term Sells Solution!

Over the journey, we need our search terms to rank on amazon's first page. PPC helps us rank different search terms on amazon, while if you get a reasonable conversion rate,our ads will never fall down over competitor overbidding.

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Pay for Only Ads Clicks!

We only pay if our ads get clicked by a customer. If our targeting and search terms research is good enough and we provide high quolity products with a good offer,amazon gives us Good CPC while we still control ACOS and ROI!

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Device Friendly!

Using amazon apps, browsers, or any device, customers can view our ads without hassle; all amazon ads are cross-device supported!

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Targate exact Customer!

Target the exact customer, whether they are searching using search terms, browsing activity or behavior, or just looking for our similar products!

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Targate based on their search terms!

Most customers on amazon first look for a product using the search bar. They type any search terms, and amazon shows ads and organic results. We will target the exact search terms and use variations on search terms to get maximum customer targeting.

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Business Goals!

We can use amazon ppc for different goals. Like we can announce a new product from our brands, and we can expose our brand. We can promote an offer.

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